What We Do

Worshipful-Work encourages new ways of doing church business by placing God's yearning for communities of faith in the center of the business meetings.

  1. We teach ways to make our work -- all the activities and the meetings of our communities of faith -- worship.

  2. We provide ways for Board/Council chairpersons to breathe new life and inspiration into board meetings.

  3. We train leaders of the church in spiritual practices so they may become spiritual leaders.friday-2258-spot-fix-croppe

  4. We teach congregational revitalization through a healthy process of decision making, solving problems, and seeing opportunities.

  5. We offer hope to denominational leaders who are yearning for unity of purpose among parishes/congregations.

  6. We facilitate discernment processes intended for listening for God's leading.

  7. We exemplify a spirit of worship in the administrative behavior of a community of faith, especially for those who wish to experience again the spirit of mission embedded in the sacred story of their faith tradition.

  8. We teach the practices of discernment of God's leading in decision-making.

  9. We provide examples and ideas for leaders of church sub-groups (women's/men's ministries, ad hoc groups, Sunday school classes) who want to infuse spiritual commitment into their group, and who desire a recognition of diversity while pursuing unity.

  10. We open space for silence in order for groups to learn to listen to each other and to God.

Our worshipful-work can eliminate the dissonance between worship on Sunday morning and a business meeting on Tuesday night.

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