The ministry of Worshipful Work is under the umbrella of Water in the Desert Ministries.  The funding streams include:

  1. Speaker and retreat leader fees to include
    1. contracted leadership fees
    2. travel expenses
    3. meals and accomodations (private comfortable lodging at the meeting site or at a site conventient to the retreat/meeting
    4. misc.

  2. Resources sales (see resource page and visit the bookstore)
    1. books
    2. discernment kits

  3.  Tax deductible donations to support the work of the organization.  Fees and income from resources do not cover all the costs of the Worshipful-Work ministry.  Your gift will make a difference as we seek to transform churches. 
    1. Donations are accepted from individuals, churches and organizations. 
    2. Contact us if you are interested in giving on a monthly/quarterly bases.
    3. Click on the Donate button found on each page for a safe on-line donation through PayPal.
    4. Send a check to Water in the Desert Ministries at PO Box 65818, Albuquerque, NM 87193



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